Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wake up the rocks!

When I'm painting, I feel like painting reveals the keys to the universe. When I'm gardening, I feel like gardening tells me everything I need to know about living. Good teachers, they are.

I was out pulling weeds in my garden this morning, and this came to me:

Make of yourself a garden, where the trees grow strong to shade you from the glares of your critics. Hound the weeds till they respect you, and go back to their homes where they are not weeds, but honored citizens. Wake up the rocks!—make them ring with the sounds of your tools, and sing to the wide earth that you are here, that you claim this space as your own. Plant here your dreams and desires, to nurture and develop them as no one else can. Harvest your flowers and fruits in their season, with all the joy under Heaven, for you have taken a wild, rough thing, and brought it to beauty.

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