Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Nature of Light

One of the reasons I'm enjoying this series is because I really do enjoy working with light. Painting certainly wouldn't be very interesting without it, and I really don't think we'd have a universe without it. It's certainly difficult to imagine any existence without a force as fundamental as light is to our existence. I've finished two more paintings in the series. The second painting is called Light as Force. It feels like strength, or power.

The third painting is Light as Creation. It could be a pool of water, or a mitochondria, or the genesis of an idea.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Twenty-two dimensions of Light

I've started a new series of mixed media abstracts. It's an attempt to show twenty-two dimensions of the fundamental energy of the universe—Light. I finished Radiance last month, and I'm working on the second one now. I'm not sure how far I'll get; twenty-two is a large number, but I have come up with twenty-five possible descriptors. The mathematics of the cosmos has always intrigued me, even though I never got past beginning calculus, and it's been a real treat to see how far astrophysics has come during my lifetime. If I had done better in school, I would have loved to be in on that work. At my age, I figure if I can even contemplate the existence of twenty-two different dimensions, that'll be an excellent workout for my brain...which needs all the exercise it can get.

I've spent the last two rain-free spells re-photographing all the large works I have on hand with my new, better camera, and this weekend I finished getting those images up on my new gallery at Fine Art America, an on-demand reproduction and printing house. All of those paintings are now available for purchase as reproductions in a wide range of sizes from greeting cards to 30"x40", on half a dozen different surfaces from paper to metal. As far as general quality of artwork at FAA, it's the most impressive online gallery I've seen; in just a few hours of poking around I've found several artists whose work is astonishingly beautiful and original. My gallery is at:

I'm also happy to now have good images of some of my favorite paintings from years past.