Thursday, November 7, 2013

When the weather outside is frightful

The studio's delightful. So as long as I've plenty of paint, goin' out in the rain I ain't.

Farmhouse, second pass
I was able to get enough good photos of fall color to keep me busy for a while. One that I got last month was this old farmhouse a few miles away that happens to be a great u-pick farm and regional produce store. This is the second painting I did from the photo, because the first was just way too dull for my taste. I guess I'm just going to be doing at least two paintings of everything from now on: if you want it nice, paint it twice! The first (below) for exploring colors, and the second to loosen up and see what happens. Maybe I'm just better at painting on paper.

Farmhouse, first pass
I also tried the smallest canvas landscape I've ever done. I really don't see how people do 6x6's and 6x8's. I don't know why an 8x10 canvas seems so much smaller than an 8x10 piece of paper, but it does. Unfortunately I have a lot of these tiny canvases, so I'll be getting more practice.

Afternoon Trees

I am finding that I really do like painting trees, and of course, clouds.

Love my Oregon—even in the wet season.