Monday, September 8, 2014

At last - the first paint-out painting

Tree Grove, Afternoon

I've been working on my paintings from the Villa Catalana paint-out off and on since I brought them home. I worked on two of them that day, but knew neither one of them was finished. I spent a few sessions working over this one and I feel that I can't make it any better right now, so that means I'm finished with it. At least for now. I'm still working on the second one, and I'm also working on a third one that I didn't have time to work on during the paint-out. And I still have more photos that I want to do paintings from.

Looks like we still have more warm weather coming, so I'll have more time to paint. As soon as it cools off though, I have a big list of garden work that's going to take precedence. I expect at this point I'll have a lot of painting I want to do over the winter, while it's cold and rainy (and kind of looking forward to that!)