Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick-paint setup

I wanted to share the work setup I use in my studio for my warm-ups and acrylics on paper, with a sheet of 5x7 composition studies I'm working on. This is as close as I can easily come to Robert Burridge's setup. The purple barn bucket is my water container—I have the level low enough so it doesn't splash too much, but I can get a good hour's continuous painting in before I need a change. The masonite-looking board on the right below the paint jars is the 1/2" piece of masonite I bought to cover the jars so I don't have to mess with the lids every session. It's worth it to have all the jars be the same size so you can do this. The board I have is 14x18" and it more than covers the 19 jars I currently use. The paints are mostly the heavy body colors thinned with Golden flow release to a "soft" consistency, thicker than the fluid colors. I've tried the fluid colors and they're not thick enough for me. There's a lot of transparency in almost all the colors, so I use gesso to create a white spot if I need to put in light over a previously dark area.

The convenience of having colors ready to use, and in a consistency that's easy to mix either on a palette or on the painting is a big win for me. It seems to get all the prep work out of the way so once you start painting you don't have to stop for anything.

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