Sunday, November 8, 2015

Playing for play's sake

I've been craving play time for a couple months, after a summer of what felt like work work work. The mobiles were a good start, now I'm taking it further, into playing with stamping inks and markers, just to have fun and try to do something where I'm not thinking about the outcome while I'm working.   Maybe it's not possible to work toward a specific result without thinking about it while you're working, but I'd still like to try. I'm hoping if I can get more used to the feeling of working with complete abandon, that it could become a little bit of a habit.

I really do love the colors! Of course they don't stay rich because the markers soak into the paper and fade, so the photo is really the only permanent result. But I'm going to try it with some acrylics soon.

Of course I had to try it with a design, too:

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