Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ribbons at the Fair!

Fern Lake won 1st in Mixed Media class.

Foggy Fall Morning won 1st in Acrylics class.

Canyon Night won 4th in Mixed Media.

My paintings got three ribbons at the Clackamas County Fair! Two of my watercolorist friends also got prizes this year, one with three and one with four. I was just glad that they had air conditioning units in several places in the building. I bailed out at 11:30 when it was 95ยบ and came home to cool off and start watering the garden.

All the displays will be up through this Sunday. There are hundreds of paintings and photographs, plus many other beautifully made art and craft items.

Thank you, unknown judge at the Fair! And thanks to all the volunteers who staff the exhibits and make the whole event possible. What a fun event!


  1. Congratulations Patty! Well deserved :)

  2. Thank you, Ruth! It was quite a thrill!

  3. Congrads on the prices. I really love the leaf painting. I love the variety of blues and greens in the piece. Lovely work.

  4. Thanks, Shelley! and thank you for dropping by.