Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy collecting photos to paint this winter

Every artist needs a crappy old barn to paint. :-)

Grape arch on the barn gate
I had to stop painting (except for a couple little ones I don't have photos of yet) to get caught up on my garden chores for the fall. Got to do the first fall pass of weeding because they're about to bloom. Yes, weeds bloom in the fall and winter, even when it's freezing. That's how they get the jump on you in the spring. Must. Destroy. Weeds. Anyway, I've also been collecting photos in and out of my garden to paint in the studio, when the thermometer goes South and I'm stuck inside.

Afternoon sunbreak
Last Sunday after showers all morning, the sun came out for this fantastic display of why I love living in Oregon. Wow.

I've made a couple local trips to shoot fall color and old barns and landscapes, which will be showing up on here in the next few months, I hope.

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